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Suha Hazboun

Suha Hazboun: Visual and Transmedia Storyteller

This week starts with a fresh new introduction. Please welcome Suha Hazboun to the Transmedia Storytelling (Berlin) Community. Connect with her and let us know about the projects that you made together.

Describe yourself in less than 140 characters:

Visual and. Transmedia Storyteller. One unique thinker! I create the world.

Who are you and why are you a transmedia storyteller?

Masters in Transemdia. New graduate. Talented person But have little experience in transmedia… I am learning from everyone!

What are the main features that depict a transmedia storytelling project from your point of view?

Strong content and right transitional moments on several devices. Humans are curious creatures, just give us a motive!

Did your work change within the last years?

Many times untill I’ve got into transmedia storytelling!

Are/Were there any obstacles yet that you’d wish to find some others to help you with?

I dig my way, my way! I am a self learner. Obstacles? Experience can be gained with time but not talent. How many agencies think of that?

What kind of contacts would be helpful for you to find? Why?

Besides fellows transmedia storytellers I love to be in touch with agencies and follow them in the making of transmedia storytelling as this. I miss a lot.

How to get in contact with Suha Hazboun Suha Hazboun:

Based in:

Web: http://www.waracartist.com
E-Mail: suha (dot) hazboun (at) yahoo (dot) com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/souboun

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Photo-Credits: Renata Romanczukiewicz (retouch: Suha Hazboun), All Rights reserved

Über Gustav

Gustav ist die gute Seele von „Transmedia Storytelling Berlin“. Er kümmert sich um vielerlei Dinge im Hintergrund. Dazu gehören unter anderem die Vorbereitungen von Veranstaltungen, die Organisation und der Versand von Newslettern, das Ankündigen von besonderen Ereignissen und einigem mehr. Weil er so viel um die Ohren hat, ist er gegenüber anderen häufig etwas zurückhaltend, taut dann aber in Gesprächen irgendwann auf. Wenn du ihn das nächste Mal triffst, sprich ihn doch einfach mal an. Er freut sich bestimmt.

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