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Korcula Island - Archipelago

Korčula Crossmedia Lab (KCM Lab)

Korčula Crossmedia Lab (KCM Lab) is a five day event with a three day certified workshop in cross-media branding. The aim of KCM Lab is to help the participants to enrich their existing online products, services and business through organically merging innovative digital tools and mobile communication technologies.

The KCM Lab will take place on the stunning Croatian island of Korčula, in the Dubrovnik region.

Digital branding experts from Germany, Finland, Holland, Canada, Serbia and Croatia will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to produce and distribute attractive cross-media content – such as location based apps and interactive web platforms – with a special focus on digital storytelling for tourism products.

KCM Lab Structure:

  1. PROFESSIONAL NETWORKING through CASE STUDIES LECTURES and PRESENTATIONS on latest trends, projects and apps in the realm of interactive storytelling, gamification mechanics and search engine optimization (SEO) for tourism branding purposes.
  2. PERSONALISED MENTORING and step-by-step workshops covering key aspects of digital cross media production linked to the following tourism marketing themes: “Legends and Traditions”, “Food and Wine”, and “People and Customs.”


Regular fee: 495 EUR | fee for freelancers and students 300 EUR including food and transportation on the island of Korčula.
(travel and accommodation are not included in the package however we are happy to assist you with booking arrangements)


Korčula Island – Peljesac
Don Pavla Poše 1-6
Korcula, Dalmatia 20260


22.09.2014 – 26.09.2014

More Information:

For more information check the website www.korculacrossmedia.org please or contact via info@korculacrossmedia.org or call Helena Bulaja +385 98 1363852 (Croatia)

Über Gustav

Gustav ist die gute Seele von „Transmedia Storytelling Berlin“. Er kümmert sich um vielerlei Dinge im Hintergrund. Dazu gehören unter anderem die Vorbereitungen von Veranstaltungen, die Organisation und der Versand von Newslettern, das Ankündigen von besonderen Ereignissen und einigem mehr. Weil er so viel um die Ohren hat, ist er gegenüber anderen häufig etwas zurückhaltend, taut dann aber in Gesprächen irgendwann auf. Wenn du ihn das nächste Mal triffst, sprich ihn doch einfach mal an. Er freut sich bestimmt.

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