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MEDIARS | Fermo 2014

OPEN CALL: Mediars | Fermo 2014 new media Storytelling workshop

Mediars is a non-profit experimental concept hub operating between Los Angeles, California and Italy since 2006, recently also equipped by a commercial division.

We focus on promoting youth mobility and increasing the chances of small and medium sized municipalities to become centers of innovation. MEDIARS implements its goals through cultural experiences integrating art, technology, and entertainment. We study and develop systems that can be used in various fields such as video production or multimedia setups for museums, usage of public areas, theatre shows, and new forms of live shows. One of our focuses is the interplay between sciences and art and between the digital and the real world. MEDIARS innovative technical experiments are geared towards the creation of new forms of shows that emphasize audience participation.

From the beaches to the hills, Explore, Design and Develop new media storytelling, filmmaking, arts&crafts and food.

Join fellow filmmakers, artists, designers, instagramers, bloggers, twitters and developers from June 21 to July 5, 2014 in Fermo, Le Marche Italy, as we explore innovative storytelling techniques and produce a project for the town of Fermo.

Apply soon, a limited number of scholarships will be awarded!

Email address to request the application package: info@mediars.eu
Project website: www.mediars.eu/fermo2014

Über Patrick Möller

Patrick Moeller berät Unternehmen, Agenturen und Kreative bei Transmedia Storytelling Projekten, konzipiert letztere zudem auch bis hin zur Umsetzung.
Er ist Gründer und Herausgeber der ARG-Reporter-News, einer Webseite, die über Alternate Reality Games und Transmedia Projekte auf der ganzen Welt berichtet. Zudem ist er Mitbegründer von Transmedia Storytelling Berlin und den imaginary friends.

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